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Weekly Top Reads:

Founder and CEO, Gregory G. Curtin of Civic Resource Group talks about the daunting task of traveling coupled with urban population growth in “Augmented Reality to Improve Urban Mobility’s Margaret Rouse discusses the theories and relationships of transactional leaders. Find out if you are one in Rouse’s “Transactional Leadership” definition.

Brian Holak of SearchCio talks the inevitability of virtual assistants in the workplace in “Microsoft Makes a Grab For VPA Future with Cortana-Powered Devices

Sage Lazzaro Senior Tech and business writing editor discusses the “5 Reasons Why Philosophy Majors Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Dan Tynan of infoWorld talks about rapid shifts in technology-and evolving business needs- make career reinvention a matter of survival in the IT industry. Learn more in “The Working Dead: IT Jobs Bound for Extinction


Positioning Your Software Platform Strategy For Success

Building a software platform is no simple task, but it’s not impossible to accomplish with a small team and a solid strategy.


Why There’s No Excuse for Wasting Money on Bad Products Anymore

The importance of design thinking has become so clear that there has been a surge in demand for design at the executive table.
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