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Weekly Top Reads:

VP of DevOps, Pauly Comtois of Hearst Business Media shares a proven approach for hiring DevOps talent with “Diving into the Depths of DevOps”.

HBR’s Chris Anderson discusses how to think about the disruptive drone economy and our place in it in “Drones Go To Work”.

Clint Boulton of writes that in the digital era, business executives are becoming more involved in acquiring corporate technologies. But the CIO still largely has the final say for most technology purchasing decisions.

Mark Samuels of ZDNet discusses how CIOs are Happier and more willing to take risks, and that there are still three groups of CIOs: overheads, who report to CFOs; service providers, who manage IT; and the agents of change, who lead transformation.

Mark Tonsetic, IT Practice Leader from CEB talks about how App development teams need to adapt to business-led IT.

Samuel Greengard, Writer for discusses how times and attitudes are changing towards Mobile Payments Are Hitting Brands In The Wallet.


A Technical Perspective On Software Platform Strategy

Leverage Domain Driven Design (DDD) best practices when creating your software platform strategy. 

Minimum Testable Features—A Different Approach to Agile Software Development-Renamed.jpeg

Minimum Testable Features—A Different Approach to Agile Software Development

To succeed with digital transformation, business leaders need to get past the mindset that you need a perfect product to go to market.
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