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Effective data teams bring diverse, cross-functional skill sets to bear on clearly defined business priorities - without losing sight of the value of experimentation and ongoing education. Bob Violino of covers the Secrets of Highly Successful Data Analytics Teams.

When your business is servicing equipment like elevators and refrigerators, it's not possible to go digital overnight. Here are some tips from CEO and Founder of Transworld Data, Mary Shacklett, for making the gradual transition in How to Implement Digital Transformation Strategies in Field Service by Starting Small.

Gary Thome, Vice President and Chief Technologist for the Software-Defined and Cloud Group at Hewlett Packard Enterprise shares A Real-Life Digital Transformation Story: From Traditional to Hybrid IT.

While technology and processes can be changed and updated with relative ease, the main assets of an organization – people – take time, dedication and leadership to transform. Find out more in Michael Goeden's How to Advance the People Part of Digital Transformation.

The Top 10 Technology Trends To Watch: 2018-2020 from Forrester Research. Maximizing the value of your business technology investments requires an understanding of trends - not just as interesting reading.

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A multi-year digital transformation roadmap relies on a successful Year One for it to be truly impactful to your organization - identifying that first project (the beachhead) is critical to showcase the new way of running an IT organization, and jump-starting your transformation.


Waterfall vs Agile: Is It Still Worth Asking?


Is the "waterfall vs agile" debate still worth having, or is agile clearly the best approach under every circumstance? We thought we would take a look.

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