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All together now? IT leaders believe that a lack of integration is making their company miss business opportunities and is limiting its ability to compete. Dennis McCafferty, CIOInsight, provides all the stats for better integration in Lack of Integration Results in Lost Opportunities.

As quoted from James Mogavero, Director of IT at Northwell Health, “Like most things in life the easy way of doing something is not necessarily the best way to do it.” Read James’ secret to success in Innovation Made Simple.

It's no secret that innovation now arrives faster than most CIOs and IT departments can cope with. Learn how to navigate the accelerating rate of digital change with Samuel Greengard, CIOInsight, in Gartner’s Strategic Predictions for 2018 & Beyond.

Digital KPIs enable CIOs to gauge the impact of digital business initiatives - and help them recalibrate and tweak digital models based on measurable value and performance. Clint Boulton,, shares more in Digital KPIs: Your keys to measuring digital transformation success.


Bringing Our Office to Life With Matterport Virtual Technology


We got our hands on the Matterport technology in preparation for a client pitch and figured, why not scan our own Dialexa office as well.



Get Your Digital Transformation Going With These 5 Quick Steps


A key to successful digital transformation is starting small. Many companies are looking for a big idea, as new products are the top digital disruptor. To gain traction with digital transformation across the company, they should probably start smaller, with more attainable goals.

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