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In their latest podcast, YPO member Yat-Pang Au, Founder and CEO of Veritas Investments, shares how his secrets on how to compete and retain the top talent in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

The ability to observe, reflect, synthesize, and imagine will remain a cornerstone of human work in the Digital Age. Northeastern University President, Joseph E. Aoun, knows that In an age of machines, critical thinking gives people the edge, and you can too.

The Anti-Problem game helps people get unstuck when they are at their wit’s end. It is most useful when a team is already working on a problem, but they’re running out of ideas for solutions. Do the exact opposite of digital transformation in this games version by Neil Tamplin, and you just might achieve the answer to it all.

COO and Group Strategic Director of Hays Germany, Dirk Hahngives the fundamentals of ensuring your digitization project succeeds in Managing the “People Element” of Digitalisation in Your Business.

The cloud offers a wide range of tangible business benefits, but don't let these common blunders cast a shadow on your company's success. Know these 10 Cloud Mistakes that can Sink Your Business from's John Edwards.


Thinking About Getting into the Commercial Drone Business?


You've just bought a drone for commercial use - Get up to speed quick on the FAA drone regulations with our Part 107 Cheat Sheet.



Build a Drone Race Track for Under $500


How can you build a Drone Racetrack of your own? Here is our simple recipe. If you have pictures or stories from your own Drone Race Track, please share with us on our social channels below.

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