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As the Internet of Things moves from “experimentation to business scale,” research firm Forrester shares its conjecture for 2018 in Forrester Predicts What’s Next for IoT. Think specialization and cloud — and big security risks.

When we think about innovation, most of us think about technology. But UX Lead, Eva Nudea Horner, wants to make sure you don't forget about the rise of design-driven innovation in How Design-Driven Innovation Will Surpass Technology in 2018.

What is the exponential future of healthcare? John Nosta, a faculty member at Singularity University, speaks with CXOTalk about the changing environment of healthcare and innovative technology solutions, from artificial intelligence to wearables.

Open source has too many takers and too few champions. Here's what that could mean for the future of your business in Tech Republic's Matt Asay’s latest - Is Your Company an Open Source Parasite?

UX Will Never Be a Solo Job Interaction Designer, Tiff Wang  discusses why teamwork is crucial especially when we want to design experiences that have an impact on the world.


How to Ground Design in the Right Research Processes


There are plenty of examples of beautifully-designed products that solve real customer pain points, but still fail. The problem often lies in over-focusing on human-centered design and failing to recognize the importance of business outcomes.

human centered design


Three Steps to Shift From Design to Build


The role of a design team isn’t just to conduct research or add aesthetics to a finished product. Design teams play a critical role in synthesizing research into tangible outcomes for a product and transitioning to the build phase.

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