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A major part of the GE digital transformation is getting its 25,000 salespeople on board as it rethinks its vast commercial sales function-Cate Gutowski, vice president of GE Commercial, shares how GE's digital transformation won over their sales force.

A brief review of IoT’s impact on U.S. productivity shows just how significantly it can optimize American manufacturing. Gary Eastwood, science and technology journalist, shares his POV on How IoT Can Drive a Productivity Revolution in US Manufacturing.

The Spiceworks State of IT report shows that 87% of IT budgets will either grow or stay flat in 2018. The growth of emerging technologies and new IT jobs will help stabilize these budgets.

CIOs at Sprint, Xylem, JetBlue and other leading organizations are spearheading digital initiatives to drive business growth. These digital transformation examples in 13 Real-world Digital Transformation Success Stories detail IT leaders’ strategies, implementations, and challenges.

We all know IT decision makers must modernize technology or face irrelevance. CIODive Editor, Naomi Eide, went to hear it from the experts and you can too in Expectation, meet reality: The 4 biggest takeaways from Gartner Symposium 2017.

4 External Forces Accelerating the Smart City Model-263330-edited.jpeg 

The Magic of Integrated Data

The mistake many companies make with digital transformation is the same mistake made in smart city innovation - we think too big at times.


Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments Best Practices


Today’s environment demands fast deliverables to clients, customers, and partners followed by quick iterations to improve business value and enhance the user experience.

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