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Weekly Top Reads:

Components of AI, such as machine and deep learning, will be part and parcel of every enterprise. According to Nicole Laskowski, Senior News Writer of SearchCIO, when devising a machine learning strategy, CIOs should lean on AI 'giants' for machine learning strategy.

GE CIO Jim Fowler outlines his vision of connected machines and advanced analytics creating tangible economic impact in GE CIO: Machines will tell humans what to do, not the other way around.

Are you a New CIO? Your transition playbook in 10 (not-so-easy)steps. What you accomplish in the first six months of taking over an IT leadership role is critical. Discover these 10 steps by Cint Boulton, CIO Senior Writer, to help you navigate the rocky transition.

According to a report from SUSE, cloud growth is advancing and hybrid cloud strategies are growing among 66% of organizations. Read more in: Hybrid cloud strategies growing faster than private or public cloud.

One year after the Dyn DDoS attack broke the internet, what's changed? According to CIO Dive not much. Companies still lack redundancy measures.


The Top 10 Technology Trends To Watch

The three phases of dawning, awareness, and acceptance, that are setting the pace of technology-driven business change.


How to Contain Test Tool Sprawl on Agile Teams


In the agile era, an untidy assemblage of commercial software suites, open source apps, and custom-built in-house tools has become the norm for most organizations.

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