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Weekly Top Reads:

Microservices misconceptions can sabotage your efforts to get buy-in from IT teams and others. Kevin Casey looks to get to the bottom of them in 5 Misconceptions About Microservices.

Business Process Management is evolving as serving customers, rather than cutting costs, is becoming the key motivation for adopting BPM software. Paul Rubens asks What is business process management (BPM)? The key to enterprise agility.

The CMO-CIO relationship still needs to evolve further to support new innovation and intelligent risk-taking that actually bears fruit. SessionM’s co-founder and CTO, Scott Weller, suggests how they work better, together in The Next Generation CMO-CIO Relationship.

Anticipating future opportunities based on hard and soft trends is a crucial weapon in helping CIOs stave off digital disruption. CIO Senior Writer Clint Boulton digs into this further with What is ‘anticipatory IT’? An IT strategy for staving off digital disruption.


Breaking Down Our Agile Software Development Process

What separates pipe dreams from products that people love, want to buy and use, is execution - so we've outlined our agile software development process for you.

Product Development Process Nurture.jpg

Tools and Resources for Defining The "Why"


We thought it would be helpful to provide details to some of the tools and resources that we use or have used to inform the Discovery Phase of product development.

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