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Neil Ackerman, Senior Director, Global Supply Chain Advanced Planning and Innovation, for Johnson and Johnson explains the impact of disruptive technology and sets out the new paradigm for advanced supply chain planning in Advanced Thinking: The New World of Supply Chain Planning.

Machine learning is poised to have a profound impact on your business but the hype is sowing confusion. Through CIO journalist, Mary Brascombe, gain a practical guide to machine learning in business.

The CIO of First Team Real Estate, Stephen Skinner, knows that the exponential growth of big data has led to significant challenges. But the key is visualizing big data to get the big picture.

Richard Li, co-founder of Datawire, is a veteran of several successful high-technology startups and knows DevOps culture change fails without grassroots support. Take these practical steps to make it work in 5 ways to nurture DevOps culture.

Get to know the history of Dialexa from our CEO, Scott Harper, in a recent interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine.


Smart Transportation is all About the Data

For the average citizen, smart transportation might be synonymous with self-driving cars. With companies like Uber, Google, Tesla and more competing for autonomous vehicles, it seems like we’re on a collision course with that level of smart transportation.


Rethinking the “Time” in Time to Market for Better Product Development


You might be catching on to the fact that designing a minimum loveable product (MLP) is more important than building a minimum viable product (MVP), but the one thing that seems to put a strain on this realization is - the persistent need to speed up your time to market. There always seems to be pressure to release earlier so that you don’t miss the market window.

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