Forrester Analysts Nigel Fenwick and Ted Schadler, with Pascal Matzke, Annika Gunderson and Ian McPherson, have released their May 2017 report titled "Disrupt Your Business From The Outside In".

This report suggests that organizations take a blue-sky approach to digital innovation by asking how technology can deliver what customers value most.

As part of their research for this report the Forrester team interviewed our Head of Technology Strategy - Russell Villmez, and our Head of Engineering - Samer Fallouh. 

How to approach self-disruption

The report provides several recommendations for digital leaders to disrupt their industry, including:

"Fast, not perfect, means innovating at the speed of customers. Digital innovators are nimble in their response to change, often disrupting markets and resetting customer expectations. They build minimum viable products (MVP) to test and rapidly improve experiences rather than slavishly perfecting every detail in the design stage.This approach accelerates innovation and helps reduce the cost of failure."

If you are making the shift to a more agile approach, here are some real-world scenarios where our work benefited from taking an agile approach over waterfall.

Where to begin self-disruption

Ways in which digital leaders can kick-start their digital innovation process and energize the right conversation within their organization include recommendations such as:

What resources would we need to achieve this result? For each opportunity, identify what it would take (at a high level) to fulfill it. This is the start of a proper planning process to identify the current and future state of business capabilities (people, technology, product, fulfillment, monetization, labor, innovation process, and partnerships).

Understanding the importance of conducting a Current State Analysis when building out a digital transformation roadmap is critical to success. Russell has created a detailed guide to defining the Current State, Future State and Gap Plan when embarking on an enterprise digital transformation initiative.

You can read the full Forrester report here, to understand more about how to self-disrupt and ultimately disrupt your industry.

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If you are looking to disrupt your organization and move forward with a digital transformation effort, contact us to see how the Dialexa team can partner with you to minimize risk and ensure success.

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