At our Dialexa headquarters in Dallas, TX, we regularly host meetups on a variety of technology, design, and product development related topics. These are a great way to share our perspective on building successful products, stay on top of trends and hear from other thought-leaders, and both build out our network and strengthen existing relationships.

Where possible we both live stream these and share them on our Dialexa YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe to get these episode and and all of our video content as it is released).

Our most recent Meetup was with the Dallas chapter of Ladies That UX, and the video of this talk is now live! 

Managing Chaos is brought to you by Dialexa Design Principal - Sarah Reid...

We are familiar with frameworks that help us deliver products such as Agile, Lean-Startup, and Design Thinking. However, whichever process we choose we still find similar red flags across teams that prevent us from doing our best work.

As team leads and product owners we have a responsibility to recognize these flags and empower our teams to control the chaos and overcome obstacles in order to create fantastic products people want and equally important work we are proud of.

During the Managing Chaos video, Sarah shares her preferred approaches to building successful products which includes:

  1. Overcoming communication issues
  2. Making work fun
  3. Empowering your team

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