Many a would-be tech entrepreneur starts their journey under the impression that an original idea is all it takes to build an awesome product, as if that alone predicates success. When it comes to innovation and technology, it's easy to believe that an original idea is all it takes to win. But those of us who have been developing technical products for a while know that without solid execution, inspiration isn't worth much at all.

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Nevertheless, you will find a lot more online chatter about product ideas than you will about the product development process. Perhaps it's because "the big idea" is easier to understand, and in most cases, more interesting than the details of how it gets realized; but that doesn't make discussions around execution any less critical.

With this in mind, we are publishing our approach to new product development process for software in order to give innovation's critical, but somewhat less sexy sibling, the love it deserves, while providing what we see as a much-needed online resource for folks who share our love of technological innovation.

In this, our first e-book, we will walk you through our process, which has shaped by over 40 successful deliveries spanning Dialexa Labs products such as Vinli and Robin; projects for startups like ParkHub and products for large enterprises and government entities ranging from Amazon's Quidsi brands to EMMA for the Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

Our goal is to empower you and other innovators with additional tools to help you create, disrupt and realize the full potential of your product concepts.

The 40 page guide covers topics such as: 

  • User story creation
  • Designing for user experience
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Sprint planning
  • Post-launch

And while we have enough to say about product development process for software to fill a much longer publication, we designed this e-book as a high-level, execution-oriented guide, while also providing links to resources you can use to delve more deeply into topics that interest you.

There are much easier ways to make a living than bending often unruly and unpredictable technology to your will, but for those of us who are born "makers," there are few things more gratifying than converting sheer blood, sweat and brains into something of value - and this guide is one way that we hope to help innovators everywhere realize their dream.

To learn more about how Dialexa improves the software development process, including our approach to the new product development process, click the image below.

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