Sports fans hating game day parking so much that they will go through great lengths to avoid taking their car all together. But for a Dallas-area startup, ParkHub, they were able to park at a rate of one car every two seconds -- due to an innovative technology parking platform built by Dialexa.

ParkHub's new PRIME parking system, launched in January 2015 and is already being used by at least seven events venues worldwide. PRIME is a mobile point of sale platform that validates any pre-purchased or reserved parking, records cash transactions, and facilitates credit card transactions. The parking platform proved a big winner, along with the Denver Broncos in Sunday’s big game. The innovative parking platform was used to speed up parking at the big game, and with 75,000 people expected to attend gameday -- it did just that. At peak time one vehicle was processed every two seconds.

“We were so excited to help the parking operators during this year’s Super Bowl,” said George Baker, Founder and President of ParkHub. “Our system is able to allow for pre-registration, but also super fast processing when entering a lot, even if you are paying on the spot in real time.”

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Verifone’s handheld mobile point of sale (mPOS) device—the Verifone e315—integrated with PRIME and was used by the event’s parking lot attendants to accept payments and validate (scan) barcodes on pre-purchased parking vouchers. The EMV and NFC enabled device from Verifone--the world’s leader in payments and commerce solutions—was chosen for its remarkable flexibility, which supports all types of payments—including EMV, NFC and mobile wallets—as well as integration across multiple platforms.

At Dialexa, our team of engineers were on standby during the game as the team watched all of the information for The Super Bowl parking reported in real-time. The data was transmitted via an LTE network to a cloud based platform so that operators and Dialexa could view data from a laptop or a smartphone.

“We built ParkHub’s platform on the same technology stack as Walmart, so that it could scale to millions of transactions a second, and were excited to see how it reacted yesterday.” said Scott Harper, CEO and founder of Dialexa. 


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