Travel Service Exchange (TSX) is a new distribution model concept from Sabre, a travel technology company. The intent of this product is to provide a new marketplace for consumers to discover travel offerings, and a new distribution channel for travel suppliers. 

Sabre partnered with Dialexa to design, test, and build workflows for offerings ranging from ground transportation and baggage insurance, to events. These flows were then integrated and deployed within Sabre’s TripCase mobile application for testing.

The Challenge

One of Sabre’s goals was to unify the look of different suppliers within the marketplace. This common styling needed to be achieved while supporting supplier-specific functionality within a given purchase path. This presented an interesting UX challenge for Dialexa’s design team, as the individual provider flows differed dramatically. 

Each supplier also required its own integration. Dealing with 3rd party integrations is challenging and TSX requires multiple integrations to pull data necessary to complete purchases and then push information back to the host application.


Sabre’s vision for TSX was to create a marketplace to host multiple integration points for different travel suppliers, thereby streamlining maintenance of the marketplace and providing a cohesive customer experience. 

Dialexa achieved this vision by working with travel suppliers to integrate key parts of their APIs, as well as standardizing input and output data via the TSX API. By having a configuration-over-convention development focus, Dialexa was able to craft an extensible platform that could be supported rapidly by complementary administrative interfaces. This allowed Sabre to efficiently onboard new service providers across multiple categories and expand the TSX offerings to consumers. The TSX storefront interface was created out of highly modular components using React to allow for quick changes and seamless integration with Sabre’s enterprise design language, Spark.


  • Cohesive user experience: With potentially hundreds of suppliers that could list offerings in the TSX marketplace, it was important that Dialexa created a positive experience for the customer, regardless of content purchased. 
  • Templated storefronts for travel suppliers: The application simplifies the process for suppliers to quickly add new offerings with modular components and build relevant purchase flows.
  • Usable by any mobile app: Dialexa built TSX to work within any mobile application, and as a standalone application, opening potential opportunities for expansion.
  • Functional API: Dialexa architected the APIs utilized by TSX to be expandable to support future TSX growth as well as entirely new applications, such as smart travel recommendations.
  • Secure & Consolidated Payments: Integrating with a payment aggregator, Dialexa set up payments with travel suppliers’ existing payment processors and created a consolidated management point for Sabre. This approach also reduced payment-related risks.


Sabre is conducting A/B testing with four suppliers integrated into TSX, which is embedded in the TripCase mobile app. To date, results have been promising. Sabre is encouraged to continue exploring how TSX can help support travelers’ evolving needs across the trip lifecycle by presenting relevant content at the right time and in the right channel.

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