Talking tech, startups, product innovation and the evolution of Dialexa to become the technology research, design and creation firm.

Dialexa CEO, Scott Harper, and COO, Brad Bush, joined serial entrepreneur, Inc. columnist and biz 1190 radio host Eric Holtzclaw to discuss the path Dialexa has taken over the past six years.

Today at Dialexa, when we start talking to business leaders, it all begins with one question:

Do you know what your business will look like tomorrow? 

  • Some answer with a plan
  • Some answer with a problem
  • And some don’t yet have an answer

Dialexa is the technology Research, Design & Creation firm that can partner with our clients at each one of these levels.

As a technology RD&C firm we help businesses with Operational Transformation, Business Growth and Venture Creation through user and category research, product design, business/technology strategy and hardware/software engineering. 

We look to partner with our clients in the pursuit of big opportunities to create tomorrow’s brilliant ideas and bring products to life. We turn concepts into products and products into companies.

If you’re ready to start thinking what your business could look like tomorrow, contact us today and see how the Dialexa team can help.



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