There are so many new and evolving technologies for business leaders to stay on top of for digital transformation—Internet of Things, virtual/augmented reality, drones, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the list goes on.

These emerging technologies have largely been disconnected to this point. However, integration will be critical for success moving forward—especially if you want to establish a foothold in smart cities.

To give you some insight into why smart cities are emerging and how you can capitalize on the opportunity, we released a new ebook—The Business Opportunity of Smart Cities. Check out the resource now or read on and find out more about this free ebook.


4 Smart City Innovators Offer Guidance for New Opportunities

We reached out to 4 smart city innovators for their insight into smart city trends and opportunities. To give you an idea of what you’ll learn from the new ebook, here are some of the ideas from these business leaders:

  • Mark Haidar, CEO of Vinli: “Whether you’re talking about smart transportation, commerce, housing, or any other aspect of smart cities, there is one main barrier to success—buy-in from the cities themselves." No matter how anxious you are to make strides in smart city innovation, you won’t go anywhere without collaborating with the initiative leaders.
  • George Baker, CEO of ParkHub: “The mistake many companies make with digital transformation is the same mistake made in smart city innovation—we think too big at times.” There are so many nuances in smart cities. Not every leader will completely overhaul existing processes/infrastructure.
  • Justin Crandall, CEO of Robin: “City life is changing alongside new technology innovation. Smart cities won’t just be the biggest metropolitan areas—they’ll spread out into today’s suburbs.” Don’t limit ideation to strict notions of today’s city life. Maybe your big opportunity lies in smart suburbs.
  • Trey Bowles, CEO of The DEC and Co-Founder of The DIA: “Instead of the usual smart city sales pitch from vendors, it’s time to think about how service providers from multiple verticals can integrate and collaborate with the government to make smart cities feasible. This means building APIs to pull data from traditionally siloed partners.” Smart city innovation isn’t just about winning an RFP—be prepared for a much more open environment than traditional models.

Download the ebook today and get a head start on your competition in an emerging trend that’s coming to a city near you.

Learn How to Get Out Ahead of Smart City Innovation

These insights from Vinli, ParkHub, Robin and The DEC are part of a much larger effort to explain the smart city narrative—what’s driving the need for smart cities and what are the trends developing from those needs.

Within the The Business Opportunity of Smart Cities ebook, you’ll learn about:

  • Urbanization trends (in the U.S. and around the world)
  • External forces accelerating the smart city model
  • The value of smart city innovation for individual companies
  • 5 key areas of opportunity for smart city innovation

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