’Tis the season for 2017 predictions, so we asked 8 Dialexa employees what they thought was in store for technology in the coming year. Check out the video to see what they think (and stick around to the end for some great filming outtakes!).

Read on for a recap of the Dialexa predictions.  


Adam Rose, Project Management

Prediction: Machine learning and artificial intelligence will firmly cement themselves in the business world.

Machine learning and AI give us new ways to look at, question, interact with, and analyze unstructured data. Humans are good at asking question in context, but machines take things to another level. In 2017, we’ll see new services that help businesses embrace the predictive space.

Andrew Turner, Software Engineering

Prediction: Automated intelligent assistants will become more conversational.

2016 saw more widespread use of automated intelligent assistants like Siri, Google Home, and Alexa. However, our interactions with these assistants are largely question-based. In 2017, we’ll see these assistants compete on conversational capabilities, allowing us to ask related questions in the context of original queries.


Ben Moore, Engineering

Prediction: Wearables will continue to rise, even beyond smart watches.

Smart watches have proven their value to businesses as a means for data collection. In 2017, we’ll see wearables branch into other areas like we’re seeing with Snap Inc.’s Spectacles. Especially as augmented reality goes mainstream, wearables will be adopted into our daily lives.

RomeO Espana

Prediction: Drones will become the must-have accessory

Evolving drone regulations are opening the door for them to go mainstream. We might not even call them drones anymore in the near future as they become the must-have mobile accessories. Imagine seeing teens with drone selfie cams? We’re not far off.

David Ferguson, Software Engineering

Prediction: Businesses will recognize a need for customized total solutions.

Digital transformation forces every company to be as nimble as startups in the face of fast-paced change. Off-the-shelf business solutions won’t be flexible enough and businesses will see that remaining competitive means having customized solutions.

Sara Reid, Design

Prediction: Apps will give way to products and services we interact with through voice and text.

As our phones are growing cluttered with mobile apps, new technology is increasingly capable of interacting through talk and text. In 2017, we’ll see the rise of mobile services that allow us to interact the same way we communicate with other people.

Simba Musarurwa, Software Engineering

Prediction: Artificial intelligence and automation will put pressure on legislators to manage future employment for workers who are replaced by technology.

We’re at the precipice of a new iteration of the problem we faced in the 1960s and 1970s. In the same way that machines took over factory worker jobs then, AI and automation will put people out of work now. What are we going to do when millions of truck drivers are displaced by self-driving vehicles? Automation and AI are great, but in 2017, legislators will face pressure to answer questions like this.

Tony Cornett, Sales

Prediction: People will suddenly become aware of the massive role technology will play in their lives.

Up until now, it’s been possible for some people to take technology for granted and not realize its growing role in our lives. In 2017, people will become hyper-aware of technology, creating two groups of people—those who are up in arms about a tech takeover and those who think it’s the coolest thing they’ve ever seen.

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