In their July 2017, Forrester Analysts Allegra Burnette and Julie A. Ask released their report on designing and creating a better, more holistic, CX experience across human, digital, physical and virtual realms.

In this report the Forrester Analyst team notes that succeeding at this type of CX Fusion requires a holistic approach to CX design and enablement:

  • To decide what elements to fuse, focus on the human experience.
  • To design fused experiences effectively, conceive and craft them like landscapes.
  • To put plans into action, embrace changing structures by pushing the boundaries of CX.

Conceive and Craft CX Fusion Like Landscapes

This type of fusion is achieved with understanding the human experience of people, places and objects over time; letting customers move across channels; and offering better interfaces for interactions. The report provides several recommendations for CX professionals including adopting a new framework for designing these fused experiences:

“Because designing fused experiences well is so hard, traditional approaches like wireframing fall short. It’s more effective to conceptualize these interactions on the basis of experiences that have been familiar to humans much longer than digital technologies. The best framework for doing this derives from analyses of how people move through landscapes. Pioneers in this thinking include Kevin lynch, whose seminal book The Image of the City has inspired not only city planners and architects but also interaction designers, ux designers, and now Cx professionals.”

The Forrester report goes into greater detail on Kevin Lynch’s framework as applied to designing a CX fusion, but his framework can be summarized as five elements:

  • Setting landmarks
  • Facilitating decision nodes
  • Defining the connecting paths
  • Establishing the edges
  • Enriching the experience zones

ParkHub Showcase

Our work with parking management software company, ParkHub, was included in this report to showcase how this CX fusion can be possible in the real world.

ParkHub partnered with Dialexa to create a digital experience for the parking industry for arenas/stadiums handling large events. This included custom mobile applications integrated to various payment options and business-relevant APIs (e.g. HR systems), as well as portals allowing for real-time information and communication across the ecosystem we created.

In addition, the Dialexa hardware team built a sensor to detect cars, live a long life, survive weather/user extremes, and overcome issues with connectivity.

These multiple software products and hardware systems (See Figure 1 below) integrate into:

  • Prime - a mobile application that allows you to accept credit cards and print receipts, instantly
  • Portal - a platform that lets you see and control your operations in real time
  • Pulse - an IoT sensor that tracks car movements and relays data back to the hub


Figure 1: ParkHub Ecosystem - Prime, Portal, Pulse

Since launch, the new ParkHub platform is operating at major venues such as the AT&T Cowboys Stadium, American Airlines Arena and the Pepsi Center. ParkHub was even utilized for Super Bowl 50 and 51, and at its peak usage was processing a car every two seconds.

  • Operators are now able to see inventory details in real time.
  • The ability to modify prices on the go and they know exactly how many spots they have left in each one of their lots.
  • Operational efficiency as a result of the transparency of the ParkHub platform, in the parking lots and inside the venue as well.
  • An open platform that can integrate with 3rd parties inside the venue  providing visibility to the traffic flow; this helped better planning operations inside the venue.
  • Venue concession sales increased by 17% as a result:
  • ParkHub reduced the transaction time from 30 seconds per car through the gate to 2-5 seconds! You can imagine how much that helped reducing the traffic around the venues.

You can read additional details about our work with ParkHub here.

If you are looking to disrupt your organization and move forward with an integrated customer experience across human, digital, physical, and virtual realms, contact us to see how the Dialexa team can partner with you to minimize risk and ensure success.

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