Independent analyst firm Forrester has just released their March 2018 report “The Five Phases To Transform IT In The Digital Age”. 

This report suggests that the following elements changing the game of redesigning IT: Customer Focus, Speed, And Agility. 

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The Forrester analyst team that states that:

“The age of the customer, combined with digital, cloud, agile, and new technology, is rapidly changing the structure, processes, and culture of IT organizations. But the steps to get to these new models are as important as their end states.

Through interviews with end users and transformation consultancies, the Forrester team found that there are five phases to a transformation. Within each phase are traditional activities that still work plus new ones specific to a digital transformation. This report describes these phases and how they're different today from several years ago.”

Here are some of the key takeaways from this report:

  • Customer-Centric Transformation And End-State Design Form The Foundation: A great design for a future organization can be wasted by a poor transition. And both are wasted without starting with the impact on customers.
  • Successful Transformations Typically Use Five Critical Phases: CIOs need to: 1) create their business case; 2) define a high-level future state; 3) assess the current organization against that future state; 4) build the operating model and org chart; and 5) execute the placement of people in the new organization.
  • Transforming Into A Digital Org Requires New Approaches, Processes, And Tools: Increasingly, these transformations use Agile methods, client metrics, reusable assets, sophisticated tools, and behavioral change management techniques.

If you are looking for further reading on bringing modern methods and approaches to your IT organization Dialexa’s Head of Engineering, Samer Fallouh, recently shared his thoughts in the following two articles:

As part of their research for this report, the Forrester team spoke with our Head of Technology Strategy, Russell Villemez and referenced his article on “Current State Analysis—More Important than You Think for Building a Technology Roadmap”.

In this article Russell recommends the importance of using an artifact-driven approach rather than an interview-driven approach to analyze your organization’s technology ecosystem, as this will give you a better understanding of the true state of your business. Russell has also created a detailed guide to defining the Current State, Future State and Gap Plan when embarking on an enterprise digital transformation initiative.


You can read the full report here (available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase) to see Forrester recommends transforming your IT organizations.

If you are looking to disrupt your organization and move forward with a digital transformation effort, contact us to see how the Dialexa team can partner with you to minimize risk and ensure success.


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