Forrester Research recently published their October 2017 report - The Top 10 Technology Trends To Watch: 2018 To 2020. This report features the ten trends, which Forrester breaks into three phases of dawning, awareness, and acceptance, that are setting the pace of technology-driven business change.

Maximizing the value of your business technology investments requires an understanding of trends — not just as interesting reading but as vital clues to your firm's future success and, possibly, even survival. CIOs must demand trend analysis that goes deeper than trite statements about artificial intelligence, digital platforms, or meshes. Our 2018 to 2020 trends do exactly that.

- The Top 10 Technology Trends To Watch: 2018 To 2020

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We Are In The Information Technology Stone Age

The Forrester research team states that “We will make as much technology progress in the next hundred years as we have in the past 20,000 or so. That's hard to fathom, but it's the effect of the same forces that created Moore's law. The only way to keep up is to invest in technology that keeps you flexible, fast, and connected.”

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As a technology leader within your organization looking to research further into each one of these ten trends to see how they may be leveraged for business differentiation, here are some perspectives from the Dialexa team on these trends to help guide you:

The internet of things (IoT) shifts computing toward the edge:

Distributed trust systems challenge centralized authorities:

Automated security intelligence and breach response unshackle S&R:

Employee experience redefines apps:

Software learns to learn:

Digital employees enter the white-collar workforce:

Insights-driven firms outpace competitors:

Customer experience becomes immersive:

Contextual privacy boosts brand value:

The public cloud accelerates business innovation:

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