Recently I ran a live webinar on the topic of how to successfully jump-start an organization's digital transformation efforts by identifying a beachhead. We have released a video of my presentation for everyone to watch who wasn't able to join. 

For large organizations who recognize the need and are willing, digital transformation does not happen quickly - and it needs a clear roadmap for success.

“A multi-year digital transformation roadmap relies on a successful Year One for it to be truly impactful to your organization - identifying that first project (the beachhead) is critical to showcase the new way of running an IT organization, and jump-starting your transformation” - Russell Villemez

Once you have defined your digital transformation roadmap, identifying the best, first, project (The Beachhead) is key to the success of not only transforming your organizations technology ecosystem but also getting buy-in from your stakeholders into adopting the new way of running IT operations.

Before I get deeper into the topic of a beachhead let me first define what I mean by this term:


  • Is part of a much larger/longer campaign
  • Concentrates forces on a small, winnable area
  • Becomes a stronghold for further gains
  • Establishes supply lines and reinforcements for future battles
  • Requires planning
  • Is fully staffed by people who show up on time
  • Is protected by and orchestrated with air cover
  • Is temporary

Hopefully this has set the stage for my broader topic which you can watch below. My full presentation will cover three key areas:

  • What the three corridors of change for a strategic digital transformation plan needs to be, and how they depend upon and reinforce each other.
  • What a typical technology ecosystem looks like for an enterprise organizations, and the complexities this causes when trying to digitally transform.
  • The role and characteristics of a beachhead in jump-starting a transformation.

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