Dialexa looks to bring thought-leaders on Innovation, Design, Internet of Things and Entrepreneurship to SXSW Interactive.

Every year industry thought-leaders, futurists and visionaries descend on Austin over a two week period in March for SXSW to share their industry perspectives; and many many more attend to see and hear the latest in Music, Movies and Interactive.

The program for each part of SXSW comprises of keynotes, panels, presentations and workshops, with most of these submitted by the public for consideration by the SXSW organizers.

Dialexa has put forward four sessions covering topics from Design, Innovation, Internet of Things and Entrepreneurship. This week voting opened to the public for the various panels, talks and workshops that occur and here are some more specifics on our submissions and how to help getting us on the agenda.

Voting from the public accounts for about 30% of the decision-making process for SXSW panel programming. Also important in this decision-making process are the SXSW Advisory Boards (40%) and the input of the SXSW staff (30%).

To be able to vote go to http://panelpicker.sxsw.com and set up a free account. Then either search for our sessions or follow the links below and vote using the "thumbs up" in the upper left

Panel Session: Stop Talking About Innovation And Actually Do It led by Scott Harper (CEO - Dialexa)

  • Vote here: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/67326
  • “Innovation” is a word everyone talks about, but very few actually deliver on its meaning. And leaders, in general, have a tough time executing on this within their own organizations. Join innovation business leaders to explore different ways companies innovate such as corporate development, accelerators, incubators and R&D.
  • Scott has built an amazing panel to join him on stage to talk about how they cultivate innovation:
    • Chris Boyle - Head of Corporate Development and M&A - Sabre Corporation
    • Gary Cover - Head of Global Operations - Samsung Accelerator
    • Urvi Bhandari - Director (Membership Innovation) - Sam’s Club
  • If you are an innovator within an enterprise brand, or a member of a C-suite or Founder looking to cultivate innovation and corporate development, this panel is one not to miss.

Workshop: Designing for Business Outcomes led by Steve Ray (CCO - Dialexa) and Ben Hernandez (Design Director - Dialexa)

  • Vote here: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/67348
  • In this workshop Dialexa’s Chief Creative Officer will walk you through the processes and methods that we have used with great success when designing for business outcomes.
  • This includes the commonly undervalued and overlooked phase of research and discovery. Steve and Ben will then dive into interaction design with information architecture and wireframes followed by conceptual and applied design.
  • Between each phase there will be Q&A to address any questions and discuss how you can apply these methodologies to your products that you're working on.
  • This workshop is perfect for people looking to learn how to design and build the right product that meets business objectives and users needs.

Panel Session: Creating The Perfect IoT Team led by Samer Fallouh (VP of Engineering - Dialexa)

  • Vote here: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/66975
  • Are you building, or part of, a multidisciplinary team that creates Internet of Things products or platforms? Learn from design and technology experts who have successful created multiple IoT products.
  • In this panel Samer will dig into key findings from our journey building a technology innovation firm that creates IoT products. This panel has built multiple IoT businesses including a connected car platform, Vinli, and an intelligent parking platform, Parkhub.
  • Samer Fallouh will be joined by:
    • Steve Ray - Chief Creative Officer - Dialexa
    • Andrew Turner - Senior Solutions Engineer - Dialexa
  • This panel is ideal for business leaders and executives looking to build an IoT team and product.

Duo Session: From C-Level to Startup led by Brad Bush (COO - Dialexa)

  • Vote here: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/62809
  • Are you an executive in a successful large enterprise but yet still have that "startup itch"? If so this session will help you understand the pleasures and pitfalls of entrepreneurship first hand.
  • In this session, Brad will share what he has discovered over the last two years when he moved from a $500 million company as the CIO and CMO to Dialexa as our COO. Learn more about what skills translate from large enterprises to startups, what problems he has have faced, and what he would do differently.
  • On stage Brad Bush will be joined by:
    • Scott Harper - Founder and CEO - Dialexa
  • If you are a C-level or VP executive looking to jump into or create a startup, this session is for you - especially CIOs, CMOs, COOs and CEOs.

The entire Dialexa team thanks you for your support, and we look forward to meeting you in Austin if you make it to SXSW Interactive.

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