Today is my six-month anniversary of joining Dialexa and it has been an awesome rollercoaster of excitement, fear and joy. I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a few things we are thankful for at Dialexa.


We are so thankful to our families. Anyone who has been in a startup knows that you spend many hours at work, so when we are at home we value our family even more! But we consider our Dialexa team our family, too. I personally would like to thank Scott Harper and Mark Haidar for their leadership and the beautiful concepts they put together to create the culture of Dialexa. Welcome back Jeanette Cajide to the great state of Texas - thank you for your strategic leadership. Thank you to Steven Ray, Samer Fallouh, Greg Corley and Tai Phan for your ability to continually execute for our client projects. Thank you to Kenton Kisler and Paula Gean for ramping up our fledgling sales and marketing team. Thank you to all Dialexa employees for your hard work and dedication this year.


Our clients and employees are always challenging us with new ideas. We are so thankful for these bountiful ideas. We live in a world where the only thing not changing is change. We must challenge the status quo and not rest on past accomplishments. Our clients are disrupting industries with their ideas, and it excites us greatly. We come to work each day ready to solve the next hard challenge. Our employees this year have stepped up to create new processes as we grow. Ideas are precious - we all should nurture them as change will not stop.  


We are so excited and thankful we were able to launch two of our own Dialexa Labs products this year. The connected car platform Vinli recently started shipping to customers, and the Vinli platform is having great developer adoption. Look for many Vinli applications over the next few months as they create the ultimate connected car solution. Robin also launched in the spring with its on demand lawn care solution. It has had great growth in its first few months and super acceptance both from end customers and providers. They are busting out of their Dialexa-based office.


This country is the greatest in the world, and Dallas may be the most vibrant business community - we are so thankful for our opportunity to create a company, develop new products and create innovations with our clients. There is nowhere in the world that I would rather be. Every day I look across my desk to Moe Haidar and am thankful he is at Dialexa as our Controller. Moe came to the US from Lebanon a few years ago knowing very limited English. Since then, he has received his Masters in Accounting and is working on his CPA exam. His cheerful way of working through all problems has set a tone for giving at Dialexa that I want to especially recognize. Moe is a living testament to what opportunity can produce.

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